LFM #23 - Savannah on Language, Travel, and Making Her Bed

I’m so thrilled to share Savannah’s story, because she and I met because we have the same day job, just on different project teams. Savannah is a corporate content writer for Dot Foods, like me—and we’re both continually intrigued to hear how differently we approach writing and yet how much we both love so many of the same things (like coffee, always coffee). Working in tandem with Savannah has been the best, and I’m so fortunate to know her. 

Savannah is a writer living in Minneapolis, a year out from graduating Bradley University, where she majored in advertising and Spanish. 


 “I have to make my bed every morning to feel like I’ve started my day off on the right foot,” Savannah says. “As a child, my parents were always frustrated that my bed wasn’t made… it was always a mess. But during my senior year of college, I’d read somewhere that making your bed reduced anxiety… a clean, neat and tidy space to go to at the end of the day really makes the difference.” 

Every morning, after making her bed, Savannah will try to get up with enough time to relax and get ready before hopping online for work. “It depends on the day, but I do always try and get up with ample time… when I was at Bradley, I had three roommates and realized the only time I could be alone and have quiet would be if I was up earlier than everyone else. Now, I live back home, and it’s the same situation. In college, I made that conscious choice—what are simple, little things I can do to make every day easier? Getting up earlier was one of these things.” Her ideal mornings involve at least 30 minutes to sit with coffee and a book. Savannah is an extrovert but noticed how depleted she’d feel without any solitude during the day. “I love being with people, but I realized I was always ‘on.’ A lot of it stems from my belief in promoting positive mental health,” Savannah says. “I have anxiety, and starting my day in the right direction is so therapeutic… I worked at Target corporate before getting my new position, and I would have a 40-minute commute. I got into the habit of getting to work before everyone else, listening to podcasts on the bus… I’m such a routine person. So even though I work from home now, I still know that I need that time.”  

Her favorite podcasts? “I’m such a financial geek,” she laughs. “I love all that stuff. I really think women should be financially independent, and have that confidence in themselves.” She loves the So Money podcast, the Latte Factor podcast… and I also really love Ashley Graham’s Pretty Big Deal podcast, as well as Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness and the Skimm’d from the Couch podcast… It’s nice to have someone telling you the things in your ear versus reading them, especially with the financial advice.” 

Savannah does love to read, though. “Right now, I’m reading Jojo Moyes’ ‘After You.’ I also just finished ‘I’m Judging You,’ which is literally hilarious… that woman is so savage, I realized I was texting my boyfriend all these lines from the book.” She’s reading “What Happened” by Hillary Clinton next; she says she banned herself from going to the library over the winter, when she realized she’d check out too many books, more than she could possibly read within the checkout window. “I do like to peruse, though, and will pick it up in the library if it looks good,” she says.


Savannah danced ballet as a child and recently started taking adult ballet classes. “I love them so much,” she says. If Savannah has time of a morning, she’ll meditate or do yoga. “I love the Simple Habit meditation app,” she says. “You can pick on-the-go meditations for what you’re doing at the time… I like that they’re tailored, and you can even do five-minute ones.” 

She also loves to walk outside now that it’s nicer out in Minneapolis. “Being in nature, seeing the sun… it’s all so wonderful.” 


Savannah knew she wanted to major in advertising. “My mom was in advertising, as a media planner, so that sparked that interest,” she says. And originally, she had planned to focus on graphic design. “The graphic design would have made it a bachelor of science with more math and science… and in high school, I was always interested in Spanish class, but more the travel aspect than the language aspect… my teacher had so many amazing stories about travel and I realized, majoring in Spanish would give me the excuse to travel abroad.” 

 Savannah spent a semester in Madrid, Spain, and says it has impacted how she views the world. “It was absolutely life-changing… they view life as such as a gift there, and they work so they can live, instead of living to work… I’m a very goal-oriented person, which I can’t fully take away, but I definitely have more of an appreciation for the unknowns of life and the flow of things I can’t control.” She still talks to her host family, two years later. “We had such a great connection… every day was super surreal, and sometimes it still feels like a crazy dream… the little apartments in the city; I’m 5’ 11” and would be sleeping in a twin bed and would accidentally kick the radiator,” she laughs.

Savannah says living in Madrid, living in the Spanish language, for months at a time, helped her appreciation of language flourish. “Living, speaking Spanish, every day, helped me with my communication… it helped me with my English as well, opening my eyes to differences and similarities.” An advertising professor encouraged her to consider copywriting as she discovered how much she enjoyed that side of the degree. “And even the other day, I had to translate an ad into Spanish at work… I realize every day, how much of an impact Madrid had on me. I definitely value experiences.” 

You can follow Savannah on Instagram and on her blog, Sav(v)y Endeavors. 

I made that conscious choice—what are simple, little things I can do to make every day easier? Getting up earlier was one of these things.
— Savannah Riese