LFM #8 – Clouds in my Coffee, New Routines, and Engineering Art with Devon

I first met Devon at the University of Illinois at Engineering Open House—an annual College of Engineering expo for local schoolkids to see engineering students in action. I had my preschool-aged daughter with me and was so impressed by Devon’s ability to explain concepts to her and her general sweetness and poise. I hired Devon as a student worker when I was working at the University of Illinois in marketing and was certain, immediately, that her talent and passion in every sphere of life was something special.

Devon is now a polymer composite engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers with plans to attend graduate school in the future—she’s also a foodie, artist, and world traveler.


“First thing every morning, I’ll stretch for 10 minutes, do a Pilates routine, or yoga on YouTube, whatever I feel like, but just working out the kinks before I get ready is so important,” Devon says. “I used to start class at 9 in the morning for college, but now I have to leave for the office by 7:45, so unless I want to get up at 5 a.m., which I don’t, I don’t have time to go to the gym beforehand… so my morning workouts are just moving to wake up.”

Devon recently graduated from the University of Illinois with a Materials Science and Engineering degree and her job with the Army Corps of Engineers is her first foray into the 9 to 5 world. “I find that my routine now is a lot faster—I’m a morning person, but I like to be efficient.”


“I just started liking coffee!” Devon announces. (We started our friendship over matcha lattes, so this is a big deal!) “But I always have my tea brewing in the morning while I’m stretching… I love the process of making loose leaf tea… especially how the milk moves in it.” Devon says she always thinks of Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain when she makes it. “I always think of clouds in my coffee, but mine is milk, in the tea, the milk clouds disappear… I love that.”

Devon has a food Instagram where she documents food for the ‘practical vegan’ and says she has always loved cooking. “I do so much chopping,” she laughs. “I have always loved cooking with my mom, but since being away for college and being out on my own, I’ve developed it further and I just love the process of it all.” Recently, she’s been craving different types of oatmeals—like peanut butter and jelly with different flavored jams and mangoes and apricots for summer. If she’s feeling adventurous, she’ll make a frittata with spinach, feta, and broccoli, with some toast. “I like hot breakfasts,” Devon says, “regardless of the time it takes to put together… I want something hearty and warm when I wake up.


Devon says she has always liked reading and writing—and loves to journal, between her travel and journal and Bullet Journal.

Devon traveled a lot as a child—even living in Japan, Belgium, and then to the U.S. while her dad was in the Navy as a fighter pilot. “I started my travel journal in 2015, right before I went on my first solo trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos,” Devon says. “I wish I had started it sooner! I documented every activity, every hike, all my favorite stores… it’s been helpful to share with friends, but also really fun and insightful to read back… at what I thought and how my internal voice has changed in a span of a few years.” Devon recently went to Iceland with a friend and looks forward to traveling more. “Traveling always jogs my creativity.”

Devon started her Bullet Journal in January. “I didn’t like how a lot of agendas were laid out and they were so expensive for a good one! I saw Bullet Journals on Instagram and knew I could make my own… they started out very structured and plain, but in the last three months, I’ve really added the art into it.”

Art is a big part of Devon’s life; she paints a lot and is glad to have time to work on her canvasses. “I spend probably seven hours a week painting now; in college, I was restricted to my sketchbook mostly, and now I’m working on large canvasses.”

Devon goes to bed by 10:30; right now, she’s been reading The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan before bed. “It’s one of the most moving books I’ve ever read,” Devon says. “She doesn’t sound like she’s trying to be older than she is… Marina wrote in this fresh, sarcastic manner… it’s fantastic.”

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I find that my routine now is a lot faster—I’m a morning person, but I like to be efficient