LFM #11 - Changing Seasons, Changing Routines

Hello! I feel like fall is coming. Woolly worms are covering my country road, inching back and forth going who knows where, and being adorable doing it. I'm still dressing my kid in shorts and there is a pool party for Sadie's class tomorrow, but it was in the 60s this morning at drop-off. I got out pumpkin candles and scent warmers last night. The pumpkin spice latte is here (though I haven't partaken). I suddenly feel an urge to listen to Neil Young (he feels like fall to me) and there is a crispness to the air that I may be conjuring in my imagination, but also a crispness to ideas and outlook on life with the change of seasons. Both of my kids are in full-day school for the first time ever (Sadie in Kindergarten; Sam in third grade) and I'm still fresh in working from home full-time again. This means that my mornings are changing their routines as well; I thought I'd update you on what I'm loving and what's working for me in this season. 

1. We're All Early Risers Now

When I was working full-time in an office, I felt like I really needed to wake up at 5:30 each morning to have time for myself before I started my outward-facing day. I really did need to do that each day to have the time to read, to journal, to dream, to drink coffee with my thoughts and not with my email. Only Sam was in school then, and he wouldn't get up until past 7. 

Now, my kids are both getting up early—by about 6:30—and I live by the code that no hurry, worry, or stress are ever necessary or worth it. This means that I am trying to bring Light-filled Mornings to my kids, letting them do whatever they'd like to wake up and have their special time before school. For Sam, this looks like eating nutella toast and watching his favorite YouTubers or checking in on his games on Xbox. For Sadie, this looks like watching Garfield in her favorite chair and snuggling in a blanket with our beagle, Loretta. 

I try to languish in bed a little before I actually get out of it—noticing how much I appreciate the air of my fan, the light coming in the windows, the feeling of my extra large blanket, my chihuahua curled next to me, how fun it is that I get to work from home. Just appreciating before my mind starts my "what's on the calendar today" list. 

Then I'll make my coffee, and really enjoy each process of grinding the beans, being weird and smelling it for way too long, listening to the drip of the machine. By this time, Sam and Sadie are up and set up with their things, so I mostly just drink coffee while getting out their outfits (it's much smoother if I do it) and putting their ice packs in their lunch boxes, which I pack with lunch the night before. 

Sometimes I feel like I have time to sit and journal at this time, but I want to be available for my kids, as I'm sending them off to school for the full day, and so I usually just hang around getting their stuff together, drinking my first cup of coffee while they're still here. Then I drive them to school (we've had bad experiences with the bus and tears with Sam in the past) and walk them in. (Often in lounge or workout clothes, which I've always said I'd never do, and here I am doing it and trying to be ok with that.) 

2. My "Inward" Morning Starts Later

Because I'm working from home again, I'm able to come back, in those workout clothes, have my second cup of coffee, and journal my thoughts for the day. Sometimes I just want to look through things I've saved on Instagram and write any thoughts or inspiration down. Right now, I'm not really reading anything other than Outlander (weird for me not to have the four books going at this time, I know) and am in a phase where I am just wanting to write my book and other content and am much more into producing than reading. I'm sure I'll get back into juggling four books at once again, but right now, I have so many thoughts flowing that it feels good to focus on those. 

So I'll spend that time in my nook going through my journal, and sometimes I'll write anywhere from 3 to 15 pages of things—how I'm feeling or ideas I've had I want to keep going for the book.

3. Movement is Becoming a Big Part of My Life Again

And I'm oh-so-glad. I've always had back problems (or felt like I did)—trying to lean over chairs the right way to make it feel better and the like. Yoga, Pilates, and barre had been huge in "fixing it" and making it feel better, but I felt like this part of my life was sorely lacking when I worked a 9 to 5 job. Everything is about priorities, and so of course it could have been a larger part—but now I'm thrilled to make it a priority again and feel good doing it. I'll be teaching barre this fall at Hatha Yoga & Fitness and going through and creating routines and playlists to go with them make me so ridiculously happy. I really love workout classes, being with people during them, at least one day of the week. I've also gotten out my Ballerina Body book from time to time, and I really love Misty Copeland's outlook about being a dancer—that it's a way of life, and so she'll be doing calf raises waiting for the subway. I don't have any subways out here to wait for, but I am certainly doing them waiting for coffee to brew, looking through kids' take-home folders, checking my email on my phone, etc. 

What are your mornings looking like now that school has started? I'd love to know! 



I live by the code that no hurry, worry, or stress are ever necessary or worth it.