LFM #5: Fitness, Hugs, and Personal Development with Katie

When we first sent our son, Sam, to preschool, there was this mom in the pick-up line that I kept thinking I just had to meet. She was always ready to meet your glance with a big smile, and seemed to have this upbeat, positive energy that just flowed from her all the time. 

Katie is the CEO and Founder of Harlan Coaching, co-author of the Sugar & Spice cookbookZYIA Active fitness clothing representative, mom of three adorable kids, and the woman who inspired me to start my own fitness journey several years ago. 


Katie tries to wake up each morning at 5 a.m. “It’s like a secret time… the world isn’t awake. It’s a special time of day,” she says. 

“I slowly make my way downstairs… I try to nurture myself a little bit at this time… I let out the dog, wake up slowly, bring down my book light and journal, and I just sit in front of the windows overlooking our backyard and just take five minutes.” Katie says this five minutes can be to contemplate her day, enjoy watching her dog (a beagle named Wrigley) have fun outside, or really, anything. She used to set a timer for those five minutes, but doesn’t feel the need anymore. “I allow my brain to go where it wants to go… I have a lot of structure to my day, so it’s nice to just BE for those five minutes at the start of the day.” 


Whether it’s her coaching business or working out, Katie is on the move for a lot of her day — and mornings are no different. “After I take my time waking up slowly, it’s time to get moving,” Katie laughs. 

Depending on the morning and her family’s schedule, Katie will either get right to work tasks or do her workout then. Being a fitness instructor with multiple certifications and a home gym, I was interested to see what she’s loving right now. 

“CrossFit!” she announced. “Right now, I’m doing CrossFit… I need to be challenged all the time, and this seemed like a fun thing to try. I love it, because it’s very much what you want it to be… it can seem intimidating, but there are lots of different people, different ages, different goals, all making it their own.” She also enjoys running when she’s not at the gym. 

“Because my kids are home right now, for summer vacation, business activities fit into the cracks,” Katie said.  “So if it’s not a morning for me to drive to CrossFit, I’ll jump directly into my work to-do’s.” 

Katie runs an intermittent fasting and carb cycling 3 week online program called IF You Carb Cycle, has a membership group for fitness clients with an online portal full of fitness videos, challenges, and recipes, does business coaching for other entrepreneurs, and is also a leader in the ZYIA active wear company. “It’s a lot of Facebooking,” she laughs. “First thing in the morning, I check in with all of my clients if I’m running the program, to see how they are doing.” 

“With business coaching, I have some private clients as well as group membership clients, that’s meant to be extra help for them, whether they are just starting out or ready for growth… I love that I have such a variety of clients, and I love this side of my business… watching others succeed is so inspiring to me.” 


“Every morning, I’ll write one page in my journal,” Katie shares. “I keep it to one page, but I don’t have any goal for it or structure to it other than to just journal what I feel like journaling that day… it tends to be a frustration or a problem on my mind, usually business-oriented, but it allows me to work through it, and not leave it in my head… I do always end the page with something I am grateful for and appreciate that day.” 

Every morning, without fail, Katie makes sure not to check her phone until she journals. “This is HUGE,” she says. “Doing this keeps my mind in the right place… one email can completely change the trajectory of your thoughts, and I want to hold on to that place I want to.” 

Katie also loves listening to books or podcasts. “I’ll put my headphones on while making coffee if the kids are asleep, and I love listening to the Oprah SuperSoul podcast. It’s inspirational, it’s spiritual, but in all kinds of different ways.” She recently listened to the episode featuring Diana Nyad, who is the first person to complete the 110-mile swim from Cuba to Key West, Florida. “No matter what the subject is, she has a way to ask the same set of questions to end the interview, and everyone’s conversations are just so inspiring.” Katie also loves listening to Gary Vaynerchuk if she’s in more of a work-focused mood. “I have to be in the right mood,” she says, “but if I have a frustration on my mind, I’ll search out that personal development that fits it. I really loved Playing Big by Tara Mohr… for all my fiction books, I like physical books, but for non-fiction, listening is just the best.” 

While day to day things can change, Katie says her mornings include Facebook, coffee, and hugs for her kids and husband. “I love hugs!” 

You can learn more about Katie on Instagram and Facebook and visit her website.  

I have a lot of structure to my day, so it’s nice to just BE for those five minutes at the start of the day.